kristin-lsat-instructorDr. Kristin Rodier is an exceptional LSAT tutor and teacher. She is professionally trained and initially worked as an instructor for one of the big companies for four years. Kristin’s teaching strategy represents an effective balance of formal methodology and personal insight from her experiences working as an independent tutor. She is an instructor of philosophy at the University of Alberta and Grant MacEwan University. She teaches a variety of classes including logic.


From former students:

“My studies with Kristin saw my LSAT score improve by twenty points and I became especially proficient at solving logic games (I was averaging perfect scores in logic games and finishing the section with time to spare). What’s more, Kristin aided me in the development of an effective study plan which enabled me to study efficiently while also managing my stress levels. In addition to helping me study for the LSAT, Kristin also coached me through various other facets of the law school application process. Her valuable edits to my personal statement and resume were a profound contribution to my law school application. She has spent years helping students study for the LSAT and knows the common mistakes, hang ups, and anxieties.  The time spent preparing for, and writing the LSAT, is very stressful. Needless to say, Kristin became my tutor, coach and therapist. I cannot speak highly enough of her strategies, perspective and insight. I have now received acceptances from several Canadian law schools and I feel confident saying that I could not have done it without my helpful and supportive tutor.”

“Because of Kristin’s distinct(ly wonderful) personality I found that the admittedly dry material of the LSAT was given an element of fun that I believe allowed me to retain study strategies more effectively and ultimately to achieve a score that I was happy with on my first try of the LSAT.”

“Studying with Kristin undoubtedly helped me achieve a higher score on the LSAT. Not only did Kristin help me work through and understand study materials and strategies, but she also brought her own personal touch to our tutoring sessions and I believe that this one-on-one relationship added a much needed dimension to my LSAT preparations. Meeting with Kristin held me accountable to my study schedule, gave me an outside perspective on my strengths and weaknesses, and allowed me to ask questions not only about the material, but also about the norms of studying for and writing the LSAT. Not only did Kristin’s years of experience as a tutor and professor make her a wonderful tutor, but also her fun attitude. The personal touch she added, such as making up silly or cute names for logic game rules, definitely helped solidify these strategies in my mind.”

About the Logic Games Bootcamp:

“I just wanted to say thanks again for the workshop last weekend.  It was very very helpful.”

“I did the weekend logic games bootcamp that thoroughly covered a wide variety of games. I believe the participatory nature of this bootcamp allowed me to gain a better handle on games than I was able to by just studying on my own.”